Celebrity endorsement in the womens fragrance market and its impact upon consumer behaviour

ndary research and the findings of primary research, all of which show that celebrity endorsement does indeed appear to be effective in contributing to increased sales of products and services.
Celebrity endorsement has been a common feature for many years, and is almost as common as advertising. A well known star or personality is shown in advertising as using and supporting a particular product or service, thereby imbuing the product with a degree of respectability that it may not otherwise have. By virtue of the product or service being good enough to be used by a celebrity, the idea is that consumers will be confident enough about the product to purchase it. This in turn should theoretically contribute to increased sales of the product or service, especially in the case of a product such as a fragrance, where the aura associated with the fragrance is the aura around the celebrity person.
In the fragrance market in particular, there are several instances where the popularity of a particular brand of perfume and the reputation associated with it have been enhanced through the association with the image of a particular celebrity. Some examples are the Chance brand of the Chanel perfume company, which has long been associated with Nicole Kidman, a well known movie star. The fragrance has become characteristic of the elegance and timeless, classic beauty that the actress symbolizes and this has ratcheted up the sales of the product considerably. It must be noted however, that such celebrity endorsement involves a considerable investment because a substantial sum needs to be paid to a celebrity in order to encourage them to come forward to endorse a product. If such investments in advertising expenses are to be justified, they need to be backed up with an adequate level of sales to match.
This research study proposes to examine the psychology behind the effectiveness of celebrity endorsement and whether or not it is effective in contributing to increased volumes