Causes of Crime in the Society

Contribution of Individual and Society to Causes of Crime in the Society
There has been increased rate of crime happening in the society today and the rhetoric question is who supposed to be blamed for this incidence? Individual character has influenced the habit in the society by the way individuals are behaving themselves in their daily life. On the other hand, society poverty andeconomic status has influenced greatlythe rise of crime in the society.
Psychological theory presents a number of correlations between crime and individual character, social factors, perception and development factors that associate with causes of crime. It concentrates on individual, family, society and group psychology. Psychological literature indicates that development of individual personality and any criminal propensities is largely influenced by the parents responsibilities in child nurturing practices, relationship, inattention, abuse, supervision and anti-social or criminal behavior of the parents since they also forms their children’s role model. It is unavoidable fact that their early intervention programs plays an important role that mold character and healthy development of children. Such intervention include supportive and caring parenting practices which has a relationship with decrease in anti-social behavior such as risk-taking actions, alcoholism and various drug abuse practiced by adolescents.
Sociological theory is another concept that explains howa social condition influences an individual’s tendency in the involvement with crime. These social conditions includes social inequalities, negative influence of peers, disorganization of the society, social failures such as unemployment and role played by illegitimate sub-cultures such as gangs in the society. These social conditions are not supportive to the society in a positive way and instead they tend to raise the crime rate in the society. Therefore, for the question who is to blame for crime- the individual or society? We can conclude that both parties have an influence on the cause of crime in the society and both holds the solution of crime causes in the society.
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