Catastrophism or Uniformitarism

CATASTROPHISM Question a) Scientific decisions are developed from intensive and interactive research findings that involve immense economic implications. Geography is an involving subject, just like the sciences. with influential aspects like catastrophism that seek to explain the genesis of mother earth. The structure, the shape and the chronology of the earth has been studied for decades. These research findings are funded by governments, non-governmental organizations and institutions of higher learning. The rock structure, the processes that explain the formations of soil from the dismantling of the same rocks are all based from detailed studies. From this perspective, the general amount of resources that has been incorporated into geographical studies is quite huge. Researchers develop initial findings where developments continue to explain on a certain sequence.
Question 1 (b)
i) The two scientists, who came up with a new geographical phenomenon might as well not only cause unending controversy, but a consequent period of regret for all the involved professionals. Apparently, such kind of possible ideas that might have been neglected at the very start of the development of evolution theories would result into a whole new understanding of the earth.
ii) Just as resources were allocated for the Georgian theory, so should necessary authorities address this upcoming idea. its strength, proof and influence might give a realistic approach to catastrophes. The possibility of craters that made an impact over 250 million years ago would result into a new definition on the aftermath that the then species experienced. It might be a sad situation for a majority of the geologists, consequent blame among themselves, for basing their ideas on one orientation without consideration for the contrary.
iii) According to Rampino, the effects discussed could be due to a huge catastrophe as asteroids could have caused dust expulsion that would have resulted in loss sunlight and could have caused a drop of temperature and chilliness, which, in turn, could have led to extinction of life on Earth for a considerable period of time. However, numerous scientists argue that these mysterious changes could explain the gravitational pull in all circular geological structures and the entire underground.
Question 2
It is a difficult situation, not only for the two scientists fighting for their theory, but also to the geographical institutions globally. Earthquakes, volcanoes, batholiths, loppoliths, dykes, craters, plateaus, mountains among other geographical structures, might have a very different explanation in the near future. The threat of new results, at a time where technological inventions and innovations have improved accuracy and honesty, it might be an awesome time for may educationalists and students altogether.
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