Career statement

Career ment In five years, I would like to be working at executive-level sales job at SABIC in the petrochemical industry. The projects I would be working on would primarily be related to the oil and gas, and/or construction sector. I will have continued my training after the undergraduate degree through getting Master’s degree and a range of professional certifications.
Three jobs I am going to target include Director of Sales position at SABIC, Director of Sales and Marketing at Saudi Binladen group, and Chief Executive Officer at Qurain Petrochemicals Co. I shall target these jobs because I have about 5 years of experience in Gulf Taybat for Trading Company and my experience in both the steel industry and the petrochemical industry sums up to more than 10 years. My experience has equipped me with the required skills and capabilities to aspire for even more challenging roles in these jobs. I shall have to develop vast knowledge of the latest means, advanced tools, and strategies for efficient sales and marketing of products as well as of the operations involved in deriving different kinds of chemicals and byproducts from crude oil in the next five years. In addition to that, the skills and abilities I will need to develop in the next five years include presentation skills and technological skills including developing competence in the latest software employed in sales and marketing. I will have gained a lot of knowledge about my field at the point of completion of my undergraduate degree. However, I shall continue developing my knowledge by getting the Master’s degree in Marketing. Besides, I shall keep attending workshops and conferences and will also be in search of good short courses to refresh my knowledge as well as learn the latest trends in the use of steel in the industry. These workshops, conferences, and short courses will also help me acquire the needed skills and abilities in addition to the practical experience of working I shall get through working in the field. There is a lot of margin for growth in the both steel and petrochemical industries. There is no dearth of organizations looking for professionals to fill these positions across the world. Construction and oil exploration never goes out of trend and it is safe to assume that I shall easily find job anywhere in the world any time. I would most likely go to a graduate school after completing my undergraduate degree. Three graduate schools I might consider are Oxford University, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, and Harvard University.
I have many friends and family members in this industry already. I shall join Gulf Petrochemicals &amp. Chemicals Association, European Petrochemical Association, and World Steel Association. Joining these associations is aligned with my brand because this will allow me to create contacts with professionals in the sales and marketing field at a variety of leading companies across the globe. I shall volunteer to be part of sales and marketing committees.
Two people that will be on my Personal Board of Advisors include Mr. Farraj Al-Jassor who is General Manager of Gulf Taybat whose strengths include sales, marketing and finance. and my father Mr. Abdullah Al-Ghamdi who is owner of Nama Cargo Co. and his strengths include sales, marketing, finance, management, and public relations. I meet these people quite often as they are quite well-known to me, some of them being my blood-relatives and others being our close family friends. I often speak to them on phone and Skype.