Career Opportunities for Future Professional Marketing Experts

Marketing Essay As a second year specializing in finance my ambition after completing the is to be a successful marketing manager working with an oil company in Saudi Arabia. Therefore in5-10 years from now, I see myself as an accomplished finance marketer with a popular oil company in Saudi Arabia. The marketing knowledge will be essential, as it will assist in the application of marketing concepts in relation to meeting the goals and objectives of the oil company.
One of the major marketing concepts that will be important in my position in the oil company involves the concept of satisfaction or meeting the requirements of the customer. In addition, it is important to identify the target market to identify the needs of the customer and meet the needs effectively. Hence, the knowledge learnt in marketing will provide an important insight in my position at the oil company that will enable my career in the oil company to progress.
In my position, I will involve various marketing strategies such provision of quality products to customers. The oil company provides a range of products such as oil and gas. Therefore as a marketer the credibility of the products offered should be effective to the consumers of the product. In Saudi Arabia, there are different oil companies and therefore in order to gain market advantage in that region the oil company should provide a wide range of quality products to its consumers. Hence, the market strategies that I will employ in my position within the Saudi Arabian oil company will be important in attaining the goals and objectives of the oil company. At the same time, these strategies will be essential in my career progression and application of the knowledge learnt in finance