Business Strategy of Crystal Jade

Crystal Jade is listed as one of the top market performers and they still strive to maintain their position through laying various business strategies.
Limited barriers to entry inform of patents and rights. Most of the foods and beverages offered by Crystal Jade are not strictly regulated through patents and legal rights making it easier for other players to sell and offer similar goods and services.
No technical skills required to start up a firm. Unlike in highly controlled industries such as law, engineering, and medical where technical skills are paramount no or limited technical ability is required to start and run a restaurant successfully
Competitors are high in number and equally balanced in key areas of operation. Crystal Jade is faced with intense competition both locally and internationally. Key among its competitors include but not limited to Old Chang Kee, Sakae Sushi, KLG, Marrybrown Restaurant, Es Teler 77, and Hoka Hoka Bento.
Crystal Jade has been enjoying political stability all its areas of operation. The company currently operates at least 121 outlets in approximately 9 different countries across Asia and in the United States all of which are politically stable. However being a multinational company Crystal Jade has to deal with varied public issues such as taxation policies, different trade and labor laws and regulations which may have a direct impact on the operations of the business. For instance, The US operates different labor and tax laws compared to China and Singapore and such differences may be a significant challenge to the growth and expansion of business if they are not addressed effectively.
It is quite plausible that Crystal Jade is operating its business in a number of the most flourishing economies in the Asian region.