Business Strategy Coca Cola Company

The business performance of 2007 has shown positive development to the satisfaction of the company. Yet they have to be very vigilant to sustain the uptrend in the coming years also. The company needs innovative planning and strategies to sustain the gain of last year to enable them to keep floating always ahead.
Coco-Cola is an old and established brand worldwide backed by a strong team of manpower. Internally they are very stable and strong to provide strong pillars to the edifice of marketing. They enjoy 94% brand recognition and more than 60% market share in the world. They need to be vigilant all the times to keep on appraising the performance and finding the underperformance if any at any level. With the type of expertise and skill they have, it is sure to overcome the weakness that might creep in by active communication and crackdown.
Coco-Cola is spread to a large domain all over the world market, which is full of complexities. Different people with different tastes, culture, psychology, different lifestyles live in different countries. This is always a challenge to the marketers to satisfy everyone. In India, the company faced challenges from the very start and also when Coca Cola entered into this country a second time. After Coco Cola had established its foothold in India the change in government gave a fatal blow to the company when the changed government ordered it to wind up and leave India on the ground that the country could not permit an ordinary product which is not high tech and which the country could produce itself. The second time when Coco Cola entered India again with a new government the local brand ‘Thumbs Up’ was thriving in the market that was a favourite brand for the local countrymen (Basu, 2006). Coca Cola had to take over that brand and nourish it to claim the large market share it had enjoyed. Even today the brand holds command and contributes a sizeable market share to the parent company. The stark competitor Pepsi had entry into the country and with better manipulation of the market and competed Coca Cola to be the second in many markets.&nbsp.