Behavioral Finance in Books’ Benoit Mandelbrot and Edgar Peters

82000 Wiener Brownian Motion can be applied in finance and physics via modeling random behavior, which exists over time. Louis Bachelier established this model in 1900 with an aim of understanding modeling fluctuations of prices in the financial markets. Still, Albert Einstein gave his contribution towards this arithmetical model, which was first established by Robert Brown in 1827. Through this model, econometricians can access past relationships and various variables such as consumer spending, tax rates, employment, household income, and interest rates. At this point, economists predict how such variable affect the future course of economic development. This assists to explain proportional growth which is attributed by economic development. It is worth noting that, economic development enhance better living, creates job opportunities, and better chances for investment. This book is useful as it lays a strong foundation for learners to comprehend economic facts that affect the market. Therefore, students can use this book to understand in depth about what attributes to economic development. The significance of reading this book is that it has great insights on the following. The concluding remarks are based on graphs analogous, which are explained in the fractal context. In explaining, the author presents graphs as that indicated in figure E1-5 that illustrate the multifractal aspect of fractal context. As intended, the author reveals the deep link between the fractal approach and finance. Therefore, from this article, readers can comprehend the following. The author describes ways of applying Ratio analysis in various markets. In his research, he found out that non-periodic cycles and fractal structure outlay evidence of the fact that the capital markets being nonlinear systems. Basically, they are two fundamental aspects of financial ratio analysis. It can be used to judge how the firm progress such as liquidity status or increasing revenues: For instance, it can be effective in making the relative performance comparisons such as the firm’s productivity&nbsp.with that of the competitors.