Barclays Bank in India

Likewise, the study looked at the sustainability factors that are internal to the operations of the bank and is able to infer the strengths and weakness in its operations. The result of the analysis could be used as benchmark information for future plans of the bank.Barclays bank targeted the under-served population of India in its entry to the retail banking system of the country. Barclays believes that the “unbanked” sector is a great potential for marketing its innovative banking products. Since this is a great challenge for Barclays Bank, it is worth investigating if this strategy has been sustainable.

In this report, the strategic approaches taken by Barclays Bank to enter the retail banking system of India will be analyzed and criticized. The industry life cycle and the theory of Porter’s five forces will be used to better understand the industry context in which the bank operates. The value chain and the competitive position of the bank will also be examined in order to arrive at a decision on whether to carry on with the operations or what needs to be developed some more.

Relating this to the industry life cycle of the Indian banking industry, records show that the banking industry in India is already in existence for about 200 years, but it has been subjected to various reforms. Before the nationalization of its banks took place on July 1955, banks in India were held by the private sector that was characterized by weaknesses, lack of capitalization and systemic deficiencies. The banking system at that time ignored the credit requirements of the agricultural and other needy sectors. Growth in the Indian banking system started when the government nationalized the&nbsp.State Bank of India, followed by nationalization of SBI subsidiaries in 1955, 14 major banks in 1969 and nationalization of 7 other banks with deposits over 500 crores in 1980 (India, Finance &amp. Investment Guide).&nbsp.The third wave of changes in India occurred in 1991 when the government allowed entry of new foreign entities to join the banking industry.