Bagdad Caf Film Analysis

First it addresses the issue that we should never judge simply by the appearance as there is a lot behind what appearances show. Initially Brenda dismisses Jasmin by just how she appears which is shown in her statement about her I mean, she shows up outta nowhere without a car, without a map. She ain’t got nothing but a suitcase filled with men’s clothing. How come? ….No! I don’t like it. Brenda is quick to dismiss Jasmin but later she plays a vital role in transforming the café to a destination from the backwater it used to be. In a desert we expect harshness and a hard life but Jasmin transforms this through her support, friendship, love and trust to all around her.

The desert setting also shows that we should accept people as they are. Jasmine arrives in the middle of nowhere where she meets a small community and she accepts them as they are and she spends time just sitting with them, familiarizing with them and eventually sharing their hopes and dreams with them. This understanding and acceptance transforms the entire café and the community as a whole.

The process of transformation is two-way and the desert setting is a perfect way to depict this. Jasmin finds herself in a trying position trying to adjust to life in a seemingly empty and new place. Brenda on the other hand is facing a similar situation having been left by her husband. Apparently they appear to be very different but in essence they have much in common as each is seeking for a change in the middle of nowhere.