Bad News Message

Bad News Message It’s About Time, Inc. 1670 McKinley Building Orangetown, LA 56734 April 26, Ms. Nicole Johannson
35 Lowry Road
Orange County, LA 56740
Dear Ms. Johannson:
Thank you for your letter dated April 20, 2012 requesting for a replacement of your It’s About Time watch, model no. Magnifique 89379. Feedbacks from our customers are always greatly appreciated by our company. We are happy that you preferred our top of the line Magnifique watch.
As you are aware, our company prides itself of more than 35 years of giving high quality watch products. We boast of our very talented and skilled technical staffs who are always ready to serve your needs. Product quality and customer service are often equated with the It’s About Time brand. Our mission is to deliver the best products to our clients and provide them with top of the line after-sales service.
It is the practice of our company to grant watch replacement requests from our customers especially if after inspection of our technical department the request is valid and if it is within the warranty period. Unfortunately, we checked our records and found out that your watch was purchased last April 9, 2008. therefore, the three-year warranty has expired last April 9, 2011.
We regret to inform you that we can no longer issue any replacement for your watch because it is already beyond the warranty period.
All our watches, including the Magnifique 89379 are designed to last to up to an average of 15 years with proper care and maintenance. In as much as we can no longer replace your watch, you may visit the nearest service center and bring your Magnifique. We will be glad to repair it and give you a 12% discount on labor charges. Our technical department will be happy to assist you. They will give you free advice on the proper handling and maintenance of your watch to make it last for at least 15 years and beyond.
Once again, we thank you for your continued patronage of our products. Please do not hesitate to call me at (843) 679-94-34, if you have any further concerns.
Cymbeline Truman
Customer Service Manager