Assignment 1 Strategic Management and Strategic Competitiveness

The company has got a wide spread network both in terms of domestic and international markets which covers up 17 of the major cities in Latin America. A majority of the customers for this company includes multinational corporations (MNCs), financial firms, press media, advertisement organizations, data carriers, technology partners, government organizations and content providers (ATamp.T Intellectual Property, 2014a).
With regard to competitors are concerned, they include other local and international telecom companies such as ‘Telecom Internet S.A’, ‘Telecom Argentina’, ‘Vesper’, ‘Global Village Telecom’, ‘Intelig’ and ‘Telefonica Empresas’ among others (ATamp.T Intellectual Property, 2014a). The main objective of this paper is to evaluate different facets associated with ATamp.T Latin America Corp. Focus will be also provided in terms of understanding the effects of globalization and technological developments on this corporation’s success. Details regarding this company’s work structure, work culture, mission and vision statement along with the impact of stakeholders will also be provided in this discussion.
Globalization has been a prime factor which has significantly impacted multiple business organizations in different ways. A majority of the impact of the facet of globalization was felt by the IT and the telecom industries. Globalization has considerably helped in terms of bringing the entire globe within a converged area. In the current marketing scenario, distance does not seem to be a major factor. Moreover, with the simultaneous development within the telecom industry, communication has got simplified (Bloomberg Businessweek, 2014. Kacowicz, 2008).
Subsequently, in order to carry out effective modern day business, it is an utmost necessity that an effective line of communication gets maintained. Within the past few years, the concept of globalization has