ART HISTORY MAIN IDEAS Van Eyck, Portrait of Giovanni Arnolfini and his Wife, 1434 The video shows a portrait of a man holding his overdressed pregnant wife while greeting some people in the entrance as seen in the mirror. The art is one of the great painting in the history of art that demonstrates unparalleled symbolism in understanding cultural norms. The picture, painted in 1434, shows a couple at their home showing off their fashion and pet they love as a dog can be seen in the painting (Costache, 2012). The painting is a clear indication of how the high and the mighty in the social value certain things in their life. The decoration of the woman is enough evidence of how fabric can be used to enhance the social status. The design of the room if one of the finest that has been painted in any art, as shown by the wooden clogs that are erected to minimize dirt in the chamber. The painting has several indicators that point to a wealthy couple.
Botticelli, The Birth of Venus, 1483-85
The video shows a naked woman who is hiding her private parts and another woman who wants to cover her nakedness. Venus is the goddess of love and the painting of her birth if one of the most treasured artworks in the history of art (Costache, 2012). The woman seems to emerge from the sea, which the artists tries to connect her with her birth. A clear look at the art in the video shows that Venus represents love because of several indicators in the painting. For instance, the background of the painting if full of orange leaves, a symbol of calmness and a cool breeze necessary for lovers to enjoy their moments of love.
Costache, I. D, (2012). The Art of Understanding Art: A Behind the Scenes Story, John Wiley amp. Sons