Archetype the Cause for Suffering according to Buddha and Peoples Perception on Platos Level of Awareness between Ancient Athens in Modern Day

51250 An archetype is a universally acceptable pattern, behavior or statement among human beings that is meant to build pillars for individuals to follow. Carl Jung a psychologist claim that archetype lies in the collective unconscious of humanity and so it is in every individual. Archetype was derived from a Latin word ‘archetupos’ which means first-molded, hence it represents the beginning (James, 5). There are, however, critics to archetype saying that is a myth in psychology and culture, according to the critics it is something that does not really exist. An accept in modern society will be heroes and leaders, these are the modern day archetype and individuals always want to emulate them. Heroes are believed to be selfless and problem solvers, they do things for the community around them as compared to the doing for themselves. The community tends to be looking upon them for the solution of things facing them. A hero is a courageous being who has strength and capability for taking care of the people around him. Every hero story is the same where they are born and living just like an ordinary person, then tackles an extraordinary problem that other people cannot handle, receiving awards hence becoming the community hero. A person holding a higher position example a political position or maybe in an organization and show concern by helping the region or organization from a bad position that was in earlier to a better place is considered a leader. People acknowledge their work when they see that there have been lifted from a ditch to a place they can confidently support themselves. The fact that not everybody can do that for an organization or a region and people look up to them, gives them the title leader (Margaret, 139). Heroes and leaders are ideal people mainly because people look upon them to handle hard tasks that not every person can.&nbsp. &nbsp.&nbsp.