Applebees International

As Applebee’s functions in the restaurant industry, its theme mainly spots on a type of casual dining of food with conventional American cuisine comprising of salads, seafood such as shrimps, chicken, pasta and its signature dish, ‘riblets’. All Applebee’s restaurants contain a bar division which serves alcoholic drinks but this addition pertains to places only where it is permissible by law.
According to the official website of Applebee’s, currently, there are more than 1,990 Applebee’s restaurants functioning under the system in around 49 states, 15 international countries and one U. S. territory. Moreover, there are approximately 28,000 employees working under the system of Applebee’s (Applebee’s 2012).
Every company faces controversies in its going concern, so has Applebee’s. Some instances include it under a forced arbitration issue when it violated the Arbitration Fairness Act in 2009 and it banned its employees to sue the company under any circumstances. This was reported by The Huffington Post on February 11, 2009. Another issue pertains to side-work payment of compensation by the company under which it was sued and this continues since 2006 regarding hourly payment of wages to servers to work for non-serviced labor.
The website as a source of information for its users comprising of prospective employees and other general users is quite appropriate but it has to be enhanced for friendly user viewing. There should be a translation factor installed on the website of the company for the non-English user and the absence of a proper mission statement and a vision should be taken care of as this is quite of a basic information conveyance to users.