Appellants Motion for Rehearing

The utility of this idea was to help Companies that have aged computer programs in which the original source documents, due to passage of time, are not amenable to current computer software applications, or the cost of such software rewriting programs would be costly and extremely prohibitive. Many large Corporations have computer programs that would have been developed during the period of over 3 decades that would run only on mainframe computers. Many companies would like to invest in new, state-of-the-art personal computers, but cannot make heavy investments in software development which is required for its development and ultimate beneficial use.
The idea Brown was working on, involved highly intricate and abstruse mathematical calculations that would fill up substantial pages if put on paper. In April 1996, he sends a memo to his superior officers which stated I have developed a method of converting machine-executable binary code into high-level source code form using logic and data abstractions. The purpose of this idea is to take existing executable programs and reverse engineer the intelligence from the programs and recode the intelligence into a portable high-level language (Background, 2004).
His superiors asked him to produce the solution which he was not willing to do. Hence, his services were terminated and over above that, he was sued for breach of contractual obligations, by invoking of the service covenant which states, that either the Company or I can terminate the employment relationship at any time subject to any applicable employment policies of the Company then in effect. (DSC Communications Corporation).
In a never before heard case, relating to intellectual property rights relating to the IT area, this computer wizard brown, despite being financially crunched due to heavy litigation loss.