An Inventive Competent Individual Awaiting Graduation in Mechanical Engineering

Generally, I am intensely interested in mechanical engineering, particularly in the field of machine design. The fact that I enjoy learning Mathematics and Physics, gives me the interest and eagerness of applying the principles that I have learned in class. For instance, through the calculation of inertia and the friction available between an object being pulled on a table by determining its weight and the force applied, is an aspect of Physics. Equally important, through the use of Mathematics, one can determine what will happen when a heavier object is used, or when a greater force is inserted and vice versa. As such, I am particularly interested in the practical application of science. This is because, through science and engineering, I can be able to develop a logical approach to determinations of various mechanical problems. Moreover, engineering provides me with the opportunity to apply various theories and techniques that can be used to tackle and provide solutions to mechanical problems.
Moreover, the fact that I am always excessively fascinated with the functioning of machines has also made develop the interest of practicing mechanical engineering. In fact, during my younger years, I usually dismantled my toys with the aim of learning how the machines functioned and integrated. Quite surprisingly, I found out that changing various aspects of the machines such as motor transmission would alter or lead to a modification of how the toy operated. As I grew up, this interest developed even further and I thus started working on relatively bigger machines such as my mountain bike and my father’s old broken motorcycle. I was intrigued by the complexity of the integration and functioning of several parts of the machinery. This made me develop an understanding of how machines work in terms of converting electrical, kinetic, or manpower into movement. My choice to major in Mechanical Engineering was therefore facilitated by my liking of Maths and Physics as well as an intense curiosity of knowing how the machines integrated and functioned.