An Ideal Life in Future

Step Where am I? I am at an important juncture in my life. I am a but on brink of entering the real world. If I draw a timeline with the most important events in my life that would be
– My first day in school
– My first job as a CSR
– My promotion as a branch manager
– Starting my MBA program
Step 2: Who am I?
A Son/Daughter
Occasional artist
A Hard worker
A team player
Qualified and outstanding person
Ethical and self-motivated
Milestones I wish to achieve in life one by one are to get settled with the one I love. Do well in my career and get promoted, probably become a Chief of a company of my own. Earn decent money so that I can see the world with my lover. Have children and give them a good life. And finally, get retired with dignity.
I want to be remembered for something where people would say ‘look he gave back to the society as much as he could’. I want to be remembered for the values I carry of truthfulness, go-getting attitude and of being a good human being above all. I want to become an example that all bankers are not just money minded morons who would sell anything as a bundled investment for money margin. At the same time, I want my partner to remember me as her best and biggest support and my children to remember me as a Super Dad.
Step 4: An Ideal year in future
If I had unlimited resources, I would do two things I long for always but cannot do as one has to work to earn and to settle down. One, I shall go on a year-long trek across the globe because I love nature and love to travel (considering I have an abundance of resources of money and time). Two, I shall open my own financial trading company.
The ideal environment would look like this – I shall be happy with less money, but more satisfied as I am doing what I like. I shall be traveling and meeting new people and going to new places. I shall be helping others as well with money I earn and give back to society in a small way.
The ideal environment does not completely match with step 3 but it is not tangential as well.
Step 5: An Ideal Job
The current goal is to get a good job at a start level which will provide me with an opportunity to maximize my learning and keep in pace with the latest in the financial field.
Ideal job for me with my available resource would be to work for a multinational company, in a multicultural environment and with responsibility as work. A Job which gives me growth, money and also works satisfaction.
Role: Administration of a project – Project assistant
Resources: Good education and training
Type of training education needed: Skills in that field which makes me a master of that finance and also to have some knowledge about related fields of derivatives and markets.
Step 6: Career by objective inventory
The newness each day gets me excited. The possibility of countering something new, learning something new, meeting someone new or even eating something new.
I listen to people well. I am known for supporting people when they are in need. Most of them just hear you out, but I am known for listening to them.
I need more time management and little more dedication to achieve my goals.
A conscious effort in the direction of managing my time better, utilizing my time, energy and money to the best possible way will be equivalent to moving forward towards achieving my goal.
My long term career objective is to be a leader, who is not only responsible for his family but cares for and is responsible for the families of everyone who works under him. I want to lead and help more and more people lead their families by working with me.