An Export Plan for the Trading Company

The product category, that is chosen, is a range of sunglasses (“Product description”). The product supplier will be China as it produces goods at the cheapest possible price. The suppliers selected for this purpose are ready to manufacture the product and timely deliver them as per the contract. They have a good collection of designs, already prepared by their designers, which acts as an advantage. The aviators are given an absolutely new look and hues by these designers. There is also a new line of unique shades of mirrored aviators. The tea shades and shutter shades are shaped in a new form and design. The oversized glasses are designed to have a revivified look. In totality, the product range is quite refreshing and a welcomed change from the old formulated designs. They are impressive and notable. The concerned products will be exported to India, where there is a prodigious appeal for sunglasses, considering the hot and humid climate (“Makeup + Face”). Every other person in India, especially those residing in urban areas, are interested to purchase sunglasses and wear them whenever they move out of their home. so as to avoid excessive heat of the sun. Sunglasses are a source of relief for nearly all the people in India, regardless of age groups. Hence, exporting the products in India will be an assured way to success, as per the research made on the country.
The target market is India as the product experiences a huge demand in this market. The population of India is 1.27 billion, which is a positive indication for high sales volume. Although most Indians claim&nbsp.their national language to be Hindi, yet, in reality, their de-facto language is English. India’s GDP per capita is 4.9% (“Trade”). India imports a lot of products ranging from apparels to minerals, metals and agricultural products from other countries. India’s currency is rupees (Rs.) and there is a lack of stability in Indian currency.