An Empirical Analysis of Pasko L 2002 Naked power The practice of stripping as a confidence game Sexualities 5(1) 4968

but a stripper has an entirely different persona – what she sells is not her body, not her whole self, but the mere pleasure experienced in taking a peek at it, seeing it in a gradual, teasing way. A prostitute usually leaves her customer’s thirst for lust quenched, wherein a stripper only adds thirst to the lust of a customer.
The study conducted by Miss Lisa Pasko (2002) have shown the sides of the relationship between the strippers and the customers. Yes, nightclubs and strip clubs are the precisely the place for men to realize their most repressed sexual fantasies and carnal desires, but there is more to that than what we actually see. Strip clubs are also the place for the strippers to assess the power they wield over their customers and the power of their charm. Ironically, the customers also perceive the strip clubs as a place for them to show their domination over a woman, as demonstrated by their capacity to make a woman undress, not realizing that is not them who exercise the power, but the power of their money, the tips that are to be given to the stripper, and the counterfeit trust that the strippers bestow upon them. On either sides, no one has an advantage, and both sides are exploited. The basic ground of the study is that the men use strippers to unleash the lust inside of them by paying, whilst the strippers use the men as their source of income, gaining money but losing their bodily dignities by showing it to the customers.
Miss Pasko had conducted 13 interviews of which she extracted 3 respondents. The age groups of the 3 strippers were not that conspicuous, considering that the two white strippers were in their late 20’s and the other stripes, who is Hawaiian-Japanese is in her early 30’s. The good point that Miss Pasko attested was that the civil statuses of the 3 strippers, with the two white strippers being single and the Hawaiian-Japanese being a divorced mother of two. Apparently, their status differences can produce different