An Annual Report of Marks and Spencer

Two of the major communication tools used in businesses includes annual reports and corporate sales brochures in which they help to communicate to the various targeted parties important information. Essentially, a corporate sales brochure is a marketing device that can also serve as a communication strategy in which it helps an organization to sell itself as a brand to its customer base or to their stakeholders within the business.
On the other hand, an annual report is a business communication tool that provides a company’s comprehensive report on the activities undertaken in a just-concluded financial year. Its target audience includes shareholders and other interested parties where the operations of a company are of concern to them, especially in terms of financial performance and activities undertaken by the company. With this, this essay will analyse the corporate sales brochure of and the annual report of Marks and Spencer both as forms of business communication tools.
Within the English football league, Chelsea Football Club is a club whose year of founding was 1905 and its operational base is in Fulham in London. Chelsea’s home is Stamford Bridge whose seating capacity is 41, 837 and the club’s owner is Sir Roman Abramovich and managed by Jose Mourinho. As at 2013, the club was number seven in the most valuable team listed in the world with an estimated value of nine hundred and one million dollars, which was an 18% increase from 2012. In analysing its corporate sales brochure mounted on its website, the intention of this is to educate those that seek information from the site with up to date information about the football club through giving product specifications on the online platform. They include promotional information of the ongoing sale of merchandise and also information on the matches the team is to play as the current fixture.
Other than this, the online brochure also helps to influence client loyalty in that it provides an online chat avenue in which those accessing the site can give feedback on various issues concerning the club’s performance. Ideally, using such an&nbsp.avenue helps to create trust, especially on the stakeholders and the fans in which they both feel that their contribution brings value to the club and also helps the club top know the areas that they should concert their efforts more in order for the club to continue being at the top.&nbsp.