Afrita Hanem by Henry Barakat

One of the genres to understand from the film is American English. The usage of this is seen in the movie and this is important for it shows the fact that the cast of the movie is actually diversified. Another genre noticed in the movie is the use of British English. This is used several parts of the film and this is especially those where the young girl is talking. This shows that she has stopped practicing the traditions of the community and has actually developed to know foreign languages. With relation to Arabic speaking, this is where the parents of the girl are talking. This is also another genre found when Asfour talks and this is critical for it shows Aleya’s parents that he has morals and respect for traditions.
The film reflects European influences in many different ways. One of the ways it accomplishes this and through the vastness, the manner is through ensuring that they show the authority of the parents. The parents of the girl are very deeply interested in their class that they do not adhere to the importance of the kid’s desires. This is common in many European countries where they get to decide the person their daughter marries.
One of the main cultures that are witnessed in the film is regarding their appearance. Many Arabs have recognition for having a lot of wealth. Most of the wealth in these families is inherited through time to the respective heirs. The inheritance case is the same witnessed here where the father of Aleya does not wish to allow the daughter to marry a person who is not of their caliber.
The film offers a lot of credible and informative material regarding the issue of Arabs and the social classes that they have. In the community, respect comes from the amount of wealth that a family has. In the film, the father did not approve of the marriage as associating with a lesser class would have him lose respect. It is critical to note that the high class is treated specially in this community.