AED WK4 DQ 1 Reponses

AED WK 4 DQ responses AED WK4 DQ Reponses Many with ASD have a difficult time in social situations. What strategies would you use to integrate them into positive social situations? How would you work with a student who is mean to other students? How would you work with a student who is extremely shy?
Since students with ASD have social difficulties, they need to be identified and assisted at personal level. First, there category is marked as behavior-linked disorder then with this in mind the various integration strategies for such a person is applied including evidence based approach. They can also be helped by utilizing a psycho-educational method to improve communication, cognitive, and social skills and at the same time reducing issue behavior. Since no single intersession works for all such students need individual tailored methods but the most used is in such situation is the applied behavior analysis (ABA).
A mean student need to be explained the effects of being mean and benefits of one who is generous. By doing that, we shall be trying to change the behavior to make him adopt positive thinking towards others. While working with such a student use various stories on people who were mean and what life they faced afterwards. The story should have a theme of avoiding being mean. Ensure you are just as generous as possible so that when they compare they see some value helping others(Volkmar et al., 2004).
Shy students need to be introduced to various situations to ensure they reduce their shyness. Working in groups is the best method where each person is given a topic to discuss. By doing that, they will develop confidence in themselves for delivering their topic. afterwards they will now start making friends. Afterwards the group discussions will then be taken to class presentation. this will reduce cases of shyness as one realizes he or she can present anything audibly to others(Volkmar et al., 2004).
2. What can you do to help students like Ayah to remain focused and on the task at hand?Ayahs characteristics of ASD include:
Reduced rates of eye contact or looking directly at others
Shows stereotypical and recurring movements and habits
Has restricted receptive and communication problems
Such a student needs intensive behavioral intervention by ABA. Always while communicating tell them to look at you and ensure you attract her attention as much as possible. Error correction process should also be applied with various trials that will enable her remain focused. There is also need for constructive partnership with the siblings, parents, and co-therapists. Interaction also should be intensified to lower her restricted and communication issue(Volkmar et al., 2004).
3. It is crucial for all children, especially those with ASD, to have immediate feedback. Why is it important to have immediate feedback? How do you feel immediate feedback effects the learning process?
Immediate feedback is essential because it helps one determine the level of intervention being passed to ASD students.Feedback enables the teacher to find or apply other alternative mechanisms if the initial ones fail to bear fruits. Feedback also is a way of examining the rate of development of individual student as if need be personal attention can be intensified to increase student’s improvements and reduce ASD challenges.
Immediate feedback is more essential since it enables one to change tactics fast if the first one did not work. In fact, it is better that way, as one will not waste time on trying to enhance the initial approaches. Quick solutions may be alsobeing found with immediate feedback(Volkmar et al., 2004).
4. an important aspect of teaching—paying attention to the students facial expressions, eyes, and body language. Many students, especially those with learning disabilities, will be hesitant to ask for help or let you know that they do not understand something. I know in my own classroom I could tell by how the students looked if they were grasping concepts or I needed to try another teaching strategy. Class, any thoughts?
Such characteristics are highly essential because instead of advancing with the topic, the tutor can employ other mechanisms to increase rate of grasping the concepts.In fact, individual attention is more preferred because that is when a student will open up and say have not understood the concept rather than assuming that all is well. On the other hand, the teacher should ask questions frequently and if facial expressions, body language, and eyes show some hesitations then know that more explanations are needed (Volkmar et al., 2004).
Volkmar, F. Lord, Bailey, Schultz, &amp.Klin (2004)."Autism and pervasive developmental disorders."Journal of Child Psychology and Psychiatry, 45 (1): 135–170.