About Translation

Therefore, I have no difficulties in translating from Arabic to English because I enjoy when doing so. Moreover, a translating major would land me into a great career.
A major in translating Arabic to English will be great for me. This is because the English language is the most recognized international language. It has surpassed languages such as Russian, German and French and Arabic. The English language is the most used language in the business world globally. On the contrary, a major in Arabic to English would enhance me to understand western civilization as well as the language for me. This means that I can fit in any English speaking country and that which uses English as a second language around the world. On the other hand, it would land me into a great career opportunity. For instance, I could get at a job in the Hague as an Arabic to English translator. I can also pursue a career as a lecturer in the university teaching English literature. I could even end up in the media industry as well as a career in the government as a diplomat in an English speaking nation and also in a country using the English language as a second language (Dickins 2002).
Therefore, a major in Arabic to English language translation would take my career to a whole new level. It would help me understand and appreciate western civilization, culture and the English language. The English language is the most spoken language around the globe and the most accepted language to transact international businesses. Above all, it would land me into great careers in the world such as translation jobs in the Hague, lecture job, media or even a government job. Therefore, it is my sincere hope that a major in English translation would be great for me not to mention the broad career it would offer me in the future.