A friction like a dream or had a dream

A Fiction Essay: Fragments of a Dream The school yard was beautifully landscaped and daffodils, roses, jasmine and lilies on the small pond. There was the image of the Virgin Mary, almost five feet in height, with her hands clasped together in prayer, standing by the pond beyond any student’s reach. As one gazes on her feet, small colorful fishes are seen playfully exploring the shallow depth. it was all so real.
We were playing around the pond which was located on a small hill. Seven steps need to be alighted to reach the top. Our quick, excited steps run one after the other, not minding the intense heat from noon rays of the sun. After a hurried lunch of rice and ham, I invited Victoria to play with me at the Grotto.
She outpaced me and reached the apex first. I saw her hid at the back of the Grotto – sure that she would emerge immediately as there was no other way except the stairs. The back portion was lined with barb wire due to a deep ravine. I waited. 5 minutes, then, 10. No Victoria emerged. My heart started to throb loudly, almost audible. I followed the path she trekked. Slowly, calculatedly, I started to examine the trail. I hooked my hands carefully on the barb wire and peek at the ravine… No Victoria. Where could she be?
Suddenly, a push at the back. I was shoved immediately and thrown to oblivion. Surprised, gasping in panic!!! I finally opened my eyes to realize – yes, these were not real – these were just fragments of a dream.