A Formal Approach to Making a Career Choice

The environment is a great influential factor. The environment that an individual is familiar with, in comparison with that required by a certain career, plays a significant role in the decision made by the individual. One’s personality determines the choice of career one decides to pursue. It shapes their interests and aptitudes, and thus the choice of the career is influenced. The initial pay of a career and most importantly, its earning potential, influences the decision of individuals towards what they want with their lives. The needs and way of life of an individual, will detect the amount of salary one requires to sustain those needs and as such, determine the course to pursue (Bingham, 2003). Before any decision of a career choice is made, an individual should first understand himself, what his interests, values and personality traits are.
The report seeks to explain the career choices that an employee, a client, and professional contact would pursue. It focuses on two career choices. mechanics and engineering. The two career choices made, are limited by the parties. employee, client, and a professional contact’s abilities, their interests, their needs, and perceptions about the choices. In other words, the scope of this report is a categorical analysis of two possible careers, seeking to understand what are the benefits and the drawbacks of indulging in either of them and then, settling on the one most perceived to be beneficial, based on the interests, values and the personal characters of the individuals in question. The limitation to this report is the fact that career choice is a very contentious issue since what may seem appropriate on one individual could not be to the other, even though the two individuals may possess similar interests and value systems. Thus, the report is limited to a single person application, and may not be generalized to other individuals, unless they possess the&nbsp.same interests, values, and personal traits.