A critique according to your thought and deliberation

There are very many components of music that have to be followed by artists to make it fit for presentation. Music is actually very important as it is mainly used to serve many purposes. There are many reasons as to why people like music and the questions comes, which kind of music and at what time.
Music according to many authors, is one of the ways used in passing information to people. There are certain information that cannot be passed without attaracting attention of the audience hence music serves that duty (Mannheimer, 67). Music isa actually used in schools, health institutions and big restaurants or hotels. In schools, music has help in aiding students on understanding some of the concept of different subject matters as there are two classes of understandin g amoung students (Damschroder, 405). There are the first learners and the slow learners. For the slow learners, a concept have to be repeated more than one times to meet their understanding. There are many institutions where music is learnt being that music falls under arts.
Maryland Institute College of Art, also known as the (MICA), is a college of art and design, located in Baltimore, Maryland in the United States of America. It was founded in the year 1826. During its founding, it was known as the Maryland Institute for Promotion of Mechanic Arts, which made it to become among the first and also oldest colleges of art in America. In the year 2008, the college was tied for position four in the country among fine arts master programs by the World Report and the United States News, and the Graphic Design Master of Fine Arts program took position six among the graduate schools for Graphic Design. Maryland Institute College of Art is also an AICAD (Association of Independent Colleges of Art and Design member. It also became a member of the NASAD (the National Association of Schools of Art and Design), and a consortium of 36 leading schools of art in America. The college is