5 Processes

From this discussion it is clear that for Article Writing, the level of service expected would be more qualitative than quantitative. Price, originality, creativity, and on time delivery of the write up are some of the aspects which need to be considered while hiring. For Articles, fixed cost deals will be preferred. Criteria for the selection for most suitable vendor as article writer would be quality of write up, originality of write up and cost. We will hire 3 writers for this task. Creative write up will be awarded to one, informative write up to the other and in house reports writing to the third and last one. The write up should be provided to us in 2 weeks time after selection. First step will be hiring advertisement which will be placed 2 months prior to the time when the content is needed to be ready. 2 weeks will be taken up in selection process. 2 weeks for the writers to finish off work and the last 2 weeks for our editing team to finalize the content.
This paper outlines that while outsourcing photography assignments, the service level required would be to provide us brilliant natural and related to our topic kind of photographs at low cost. It will again be a fixed cost job. We will review the portfolio of the vendors and will prefer handing over this task to someone who has experience in nature photography. One vendor will be selected for one magazine issue. Selection will be finalized one month prior to the time we need the photos ready. Printing is a specialist’s job. Level of service expected will be high quality printing, with latest machinery. The contract in this case will be on per unit cost basis. Low cost and best quality will be important criteria for us. All printing will be done by one vendor.nbsp.