1 . Which law imposes controls and procedures on federal agencies regarding how they
promulgate rules and conduct investigations regarding their rules and applicable law?
The 1964 Civil Rights Act
The Clean Agency Act
The Freedom of Information Act
The Administrative Procedure Act
2 . When there are no essential facts in dispute in a case , a court may
A. grant summary judgment and not hold a trial .
B. order the parties to submit the case to the Legislature so it can address the case by
statute .
C. order the parties to obtain new legal counsel to write better pleadings and arguments .
D. grant alternate dispute resolution and defer to the arbitrator’s decision .
According to the U.S. Supreme Court decision in the case of Kuehn }. Pub Zone , which of
lowing best describes the reason why the Pub Zone was found liable after appeal and was
ed to pay damages to Kuehn ?*
A. Pub Zone violated state law by voluntarily serving too much alcohol to Kuehn , and the
owner knew that Kuehn was intoxicated when he provoked a fight with the motorcycle gang*
members .
B . The totality of circumstances gave rise to a duty for Pub Zone to take reasonable*
precautions for patrons against the danger posed by the motorcycle gang . These included that
Pub Zone’s owner had reason to know when gangs wore their insignia , they were prone to
attack customers without cause , and the owner allowed gang members wearing insignia in the
bar anyway .
C. Pub Zone had considerable business insurance that could pay for the injuries of Kuehn .
who had no medical insurance .
D. The Interstate Commerce Clause required that since Pub Zone was a for – profit business .
Pub Zone must pay for injuries of customers who visited from other states .