Karen provides Helen financial help to undertake a medical checkup. Helen is a poor lady and


1. Karen provides Helen financial help to undertake a medical checkup. Helen is a poor lady and

Karen helps her without expecting Helen to pay back. Karen’s act exemplifies _____.

  1. reciprocal altruism
  2. altruism
  3. normative reciprocity
  4. symbiosis

2. Do onto other as you would have them do onto you. This golden rule of philosophy is based on the _____ norm.

  1. interactivity
  2. altruistic responsibility
  3. reciprocity
  4. social responsibility

3. Which of the following types of aggression occurs with only a small amount of forethought or intent and is determined primarily by impulsive feelings?

  1. Emotional aggression
  2. Instrumental aggression
  3. Thoughtful aggression
  4. Cognitive aggression

4. Which of the following is an example of relational aggression?

  1. Gossiping about a person
  2. Hitting a person to cause injury
  3. Yelling at a person
  4. Calling a person names

5. Which of the following is a neurotransmitter that influences mood, appetite, and sleep and reduces aggression?

  1. Cortex
  2. Amygdala
  3. Serotonin
  4. Testosterone

6. When groups work better than we would expect, given the individuals who form them, we call the outcome a(n) _____.

  1. person gain
  2. conjunctive gain
  3. cognitive gain
  4. process gain

7. Hawkins is a hardworking individual. He works efficiently when asked to work on projects with independent deliverables. However, his performance drops when he is asked to work as part of a team. This situation exemplifies _____.

  1. group bias
  2. social loafing
  3. groupthink
  4. cognitive dissonance

8. Calvin hates the members of a certain religious community. The negative attitude that Calvin displays toward the community is an example of _____.

  1. cognition
  2. prejudice
  3. dissonance
  4. social identification

9. Europeans view Americans as people similar in ideas and culture. However, Americans tend to disagree with the European viewpoint. This situation exemplifies _____.

  1. common ingroup identification
  2. outgroup homogeneity
  3. self identification
  4. Social Dominance Orientation

10. Which of the following is the best description of social dilemma?