We at chandlercrawford.com believe:

We at chandlercrawford.com believe

  • Home education is a superior way for a student to learn. It encourages families to learn together with a common goal rather than being divided.
  • Home education is a lifestyle that can be continued throughout life.
  • Home education encourages a child to investigate, question, read, build, daydream, create and be active in the learning process.
  • Your child is better off learning in a safe, encouraging, secure atmosphere allowing them to think, rather than where they are herded about a campus like automatons.
  • The family unit is the foundation of society and parents can be the best educators of their children.
  • Home education provides an excellent learning situation through private tutoring, a superior teaching method.
  • Providing a warm, secure atmosphere free from negative peer pressure entitles children to develop to their fullest potential.

Home school parents well know that no matter how you educate your children it seems like you are always accountable to some agency, superintendent, or public school employee for various records, letters, tests, inspections, etc.

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